Designer: Ufficio Tecnico Formalighting

Tipologia: faretti

Scheda prodotto

A fixture of semplicity, utilizing MR16 low voltage dichronic halogen lamp.
The body is made of die cast aluminium with fully adjustable flexibility of teilting and rotation.
Eser friendly relamping action by simply removing the cylender body and the lamp can be easily accessed for replacement.
The fixture shall be mounted on the Minitrek which is made of extruded aluminium and designed for 12V 25 Amps operation. It accomodate max 6 x 50W spot light. 300 VA 12 V output remote transfromer is required.

Dettagli tecnici

Rolo track spot. 50W 12V GU5.3
Dado track spot. 50W 12V GU5.3

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